**2017 FIELD TRIPS**

We are excited to announce we will be hosting schools, daycares, and home school groups for the fall of 2017!

Students will have the opportunity to participate in all the fun activities offered at Sonlight Farms as well as learn some cool facts about agriculture in the Education Connection. 

Our Education Connection is the part of the farm where we have several local crops planted so the students can see them up close (corn, sweet potatoes, beans, cotton, & pumpkins).  We will discuss these crops, what they are used for, and why they are important to us.  Students will also hear about living vs. nonliving things, livestock, minerals, different kinds of soils, and how different crops are harvested.

There is a picnic area available for lunch.  We encourage groups to bring your lunch so you can enjoy a picnic at the farm!  Food will not be provided by Sonlight Farms. 

And of course, every student will leave with a pumpkin!  These are small/medium sized pumpkins ~ and on average weigh 5-6 pounds.

Please contact April at 252-205-5280 for more information or to schedule your trip!  

Reservations are available Monday-Friday between September 18 and November 3, 2017.  

The farm will be open from 9 am - 3 pm on the day of your reservation.

Admission is $10 per person and includes all the activities available at Sonlight Farms ~ as well as a pumpkin to take home.

*Teachers and teacher assistants will not be charged admission.*

We look forward to seeing you at Sonlight Farms!